Unathi Narrates Hitch with Sunday Sun’s publication on her Past Marriage
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Unathi Narrates Hitch with Sunday Sun’s publication on her Past Marriage



Unathi Narrates Hitch with Sunday Sun’s publication –  has enjoyed the benefits of media publications and at the same time it’s got a negative effect on her.
In a lengthy note, the star narrated how her past marriage was affected through Sunday Sun owned by Media 24.

According to the news published about her years back, it was revealed that she cheated on her ex-husband, however, after she raised her voice against the published news and Media 24 took down the news refuting claims of her cheating.

Unathi Narrates Hitch with Sunday Sun’s publication on her Past Marriage

Read part of the story here:

“In August 2017, Sunday Sun (who is owned by Media 24) published an article in which they suggested that my marriage was in trouble because I was cheating on my ex-husband with my personal trainer.

The article was written by Theo Nyaba and was published on both print and digital versions of the paper (Sunday Sun and Daily Sun online). I was devastated by this article.

I had been faithful to my ex-husband for 14 years. My family, including my children, were hurt by it. The personal trainer referred to in the article suffered hardships as a result of it being published.

So, when this happened, I decided to sue Media 24, Theo Nyaba and the editors.”

“I am glad that the matter has become settled with The Sunday Sun publishing a retraction and apology. The retraction and apology was published on 26 May 2019 and reads as follows: “On 13 August 2017 Sunday Sun published an article regarding  Msengana / Nkayi, which was also published on Daily Sun’s website titled “Things ain’t what they seem for celebrity couple!”.

In this article we alleged that Ms Msengana / Nkayi and her husband, Bad Boy T, were heading towards divorce as a result of Ms. Msengana / Nkayi having allegedly had an affair with her personal trainer.

We are not able to substantiate this allegation and accordingly retract the allegations contained in the article and unreservedly apologise to Ms Msengana / Nkayi for any harm that she may have suffered as a result of the publication.

” Both my personal trainer and my ex-husband were willing to take the witness stand to give evidence that I did not have an affair with my personal trainer, nor was this ever suspected by my ex-husband. Thank you to you both for the support.

My hope is that Naspers  the company that holds an interest in Media24 starts to look at the impact that Media24’s tabloid newspapers have on black people and families in particular, especially those who have risen against odds to make a success out of their careers. There are others who have been at the receiving end of Sunday Sun’s negative articles.”

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