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Twitter hackers caused Scoop Makhathini’s agreement




Twitter hackers caused Scoop Makhathini's agreement.Twitter hackers caused ’s agreement. uncovered loosing a worldwide arrangement as a result of a programmer who assumed responsibility for his Twitter account.

The new Yo! MTV Raps moderator uncovered the entire story on air, he stated:

“It was my birthday, so I was receiving a lot of calls from friends, but I decided to ignore them, because I’m not a person who likes birthday wishes. My phone was lying around and I wasn’t using it, because there wasn’t Wi-Fi in the recording studio I was in with friend Ayanda. I immediately went on Twitter to check out what was happening and that’s when I realised my account was hacked”

He continued by saying his agreement was dropped after the entire Twitter adventure.

“They called me to let me know that they can’t proceed with doing business with me, because of what was happening on my social media, so they cancelled the contract.”

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