Mshoza Struggles with Alcohol – “I Would Wake Up and Only Think of Alcohol”
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Mshoza Struggles with Alcohol – “I Would Wake Up and Only Think of Alcohol”




Struggles with Alcohol –  got inspired by Zahara’s boldness, revealing how she tried curing emotional struggles with alcohol.

 tweeted a little about her alcohol struggles which was triggered by the death of a close friend.

Mshoza Struggles with Alcohol

Speaking with TshishaLIVE, she said:

“Ugh I don’t even know how it all began…all I know is that after (Lebo Mathosa) passed on then I started drinking quite heavily. More that just the occasional glass. I started being reckless about my life and not caring about what happens tomorrow.

“And before I knew it, I had to have tons of alcohol in my house and lots of people, all the time. I didn’t want to be alone. I think at some point, I had over 12 people staying with me in my house and we would drink all the time,”  told TshisaLIVE.

During an interview on Moja Love’s, Show Me Love,  revealed that after Lebo Mathosa passed away, she relied on the bottle to deal with her pain.

However, She’s revealed overcoming the addiction through the help of her husband.

“I would wake up and only think of alcohol. My day wouldn’t seem exciting until there was a plan in place that involved drinking alcohol. Honestly, I only realised what was happening after I got married to Jacob, because he was strict and would ask me, ‘why are you just drinking randomly?’ He made me realise that I had not dealt with a lot of things – like Lebo’s death and many other things – and told me to confront that instead of always drinking,”  said.

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